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Groovy Interview : Ismael Sankara, Africa Is The Future (english version) Ismaël Sankara Full view

Groovy Interview : Ismael Sankara, Africa Is The Future (english version)

Suite à la sortie de son nouveau single « Lost Tribe » Ismael Sankara était dernièrement sur Paris pour la promotion de son nouvel album T.R.O.M Life sortie prévue le 10 juin prochain. Nous l’avons rencontré pour vous !

1) Can you introduce yourself in some words for the French public ?

Ismael Sankara : Wassup Paris I am Ismael Sankara ! HipHop/Rap Artist from Burkina Faso and I am here ! (laughs) !

2) What are your influences, how did you started HipHop ?

Ismael Sankara : I started making music back in 2006 for the first time, I work with many different people from one another. In late 2006, I work with JMC Records which is a label based in Las Vegas, it was like my first deal. From now we are here today… I was influenced by everybody, Akon to Jay-Z, P.Diddy and also people from outside the music like Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou…all my influences come from importante people that actually did something good.

3) We already talk about you on Groovy Brain for your movie « The rythm of my life : Ismael Sankara » (TROM Life). Do you think this movie had an impact for the hip hop culture in Africa ? 

Ismael Sankara : Definetely, with this video we wanted to show people that ok we are in Africa but we can make mainstream also ! Thats why we did this documentary, we wanted to show our skills.  It was embrace t in the US and everywhere and everywhere and I think that was a success !

4) There are more and more African TV shows (Like MTN project…) how do you see the future for African artists ?

Ismael Sankara : I am happy, and it is only getting better. A lot of artists are shining right now, especially in Nigeria and South Africa but everywhere you have good artists with good music !

5) The release of your album «T.R.O.M LIFE» is in June, are you excited? What are your expectations for this new album?

Ismael Sankara : I am excited and happy, I just want to see Africa at the highest level, that is what we want to do with T.R.O.M Life. There is every vibes in it : African, American even European…and I hope people are going to like it.

6) Your new single «Lost Tribe» is really « dark », even the video and the lyrics are. Is the whole album that dark, what are the main topics/themes of this album ?

Ismael Sankara : The whole album is just everything ! You can find the piece of everything inside, you know i am African but I was raise in the US so in this album you will find all my influences : Hip-Hop, rap, oldschool , newschool…everything !

7) You had the chance to collaborate with many artists and travel during your career, which message do you want to give to the others African artists who don’t have these opportunities and still want to succeed ?

Ismael Sankara : All you got to do is believe, that’s it. If you believe, you can do it ! It all started like this…

8) With the international success of Nigerian artists such as Psquare or Dbanj, more and more American artists wants to collaborate with the African scene how do you feel it ? 

Ismael Sankara : It is only normal, right about now its undeniable. We are getting strong, and in Nigeria they did a great job I think in the future there will be a lot of collaborations between African and American artists.

9) What is the difference between African HipHop and American HipHop, as we are all influenced by USA even the Europeans, the Asian…How do you make the difference ? 

Ismael Sankara : I think that Hip Hop reveals evry kind of culture so far : the Spanish culture, African-american culture and even Whites like Eminem you know. Akon opened the door for African culture to be exported in Hip-Hop, but jazz, soul everything is African at the beginning you know !

10) When are your next updates (showcase, party…) in Africa, USA and Europe ?

Ismael Sankara : Right now, we got shows here in Paris. The next one is on March 22nd at a place called le Titan. And we have the We make music mixtape whoch was released last winter.

11) Ismael Sankara Thank you for this moment ! Can you give us your  last word, how do you feel 2013 !

Ismael Sankara : This year is going to be a good year ! I dont want to talk to much, I just want evrybody to stay tuned and keep showing us support because we appreciate it !


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Written by Estelle

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