Groovy Interview : All About Shem !

Le blog est un peu mou en ce moment, bon c’est normal c’est les vacances et puis on a passé notre temps à chercher des groovy artistes pour le plaisir de vos oreilles ! Après plusieurs balades nocturnes sur Soundcloud et Spotify, je suis tombée sur Shem un artiste Hip-Hop tout droit venu de Londres. C’est grâce à son duo « Hold Me Down » avec Philip Michael que nous sommes tombés sous le charme et nous l’avons contacté, découvrez ci-dessous son interview. (En anglais s’il vous plaît !)

GB : For those who doesnt know you, can you introduce you to the french public ? 

Bonjour France ! I’m a hip hop artist from London UK all about forward thinking music creating art without boundaries.

GB : What are your influences ?

Shem : Life, art, quality music and my mum lol.

GB : How did you get into the music scene ?

Shem : Lots of hard work, power napping and crazy belief lol !


GB : Can you explain us « Music, Late night and daydreams », what the story of this mixtape ?

Shem : Music, Late Nights & Daydreams is my musical diary, a collection of songs made around the same time I was going through a period of change in my life. It captured the emotions and vibe perfectly I guess in a way it was my release therapy.

GB : You have a duet with Philip Michael, how was the meeting with him ?

Shem : I met Phillip Michael in Miami he was singing on the street corner and I joined in eventually we ended up performing to a small crowd it was a pretty random but amazing moment haha we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I featured on a few of his songs before so it was only right we made a track together and that’s how  » Hold Me Down  » was born.

GB : What do you think about the uk hiphop scene today? and the hip hop scene in general ?

Shem : The UK hip hop scene is blossoming and I’m loving it I just wanna do my bit and add to the culture. As far as hip hop in general I would like to see more creativity and originality.

GB : What are your objectives for 2013 ?

Shem : More music more shows more videos no days off. Just keep on growing !

GB : What are your next showcase in Uk or Europe ?

Shem : Any shows that I have coming up will be on my facebook or twitter I would love to perform overseas. I guess we will see what happens who knows, maybe one day it just might be in France.


Written by Estelle

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