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  • Les nouveaux visages du hip-hop au féminin (part.3) : Groovy Interview avec Akua Naru.
Les nouveaux visages du hip-hop au féminin (part.3) : Groovy Interview avec Akua Naru. akua naru Full view

Les nouveaux visages du hip-hop au féminin (part.3) : Groovy Interview avec Akua Naru.

À l’occasion du festival Paris Hip-hop, Akua Naru, était de passage sur Paris pour partager sa scène avec la rappeuse Pumpkin le 26 juin dernier au Hangar.

C’est avec plaisir que nous l’avons rencontré et interviewé ! Découvrez la troisième partie de la saga «Les nouveaux visages du hip-hop féminin» avec Akua Naru, une artiste simple, authentique et véritablement passionnée.

GB : It’s not your 1st time in Paris, how do you feel the show for tomorrow ?

AN : My first time was in October 2011 at La Bellevilloise, and I feel great, I love Paris and I like Pumpkin. It’s nice to have events like this. Any opportunitiy I have to come back here, is always good.

GB : Your lyrics are really strong and powerful, I want to know what makes you write?

AN : It’s God. I think I was born at the right time and I think this is a part of the work I am supposed to be doing. I can’t even explain where the words are coming from, it’s a spirit just higher than me.


GB : Your style is a kind of hip-hop poetry. Some media say it’s «a mixture of contemporary hip-hop and poetry». What do you think about this ?

AN : Is that what they think that’s ok. To be honest I don’t really have time to think about what it is, I’m just creating and letting it happens. When I seat down, I’m not saying “Oh I’m going to write contemporary hip-hop”, you know ?

I’m just writing and expressing myself, so I don’t really have a name for it. What I can say is that I consider the music I’m doing and myself like a spoken soul musician.

GB :  Hip-hop has changed these last years. You wrote a song «The world is listening» which is a kind of tribute to hip-hop female, what do you think these women mean to the hip-hop culture today ?

AN : Somebody like Lauryn Hill, she means a lot ! What she did was classic, and classic is beyond time !  It doesn’t matter what year you were born after her, you will continue to be inspired by what she did.

It’s the same for Nina Simone, she means so much for people today, young people like myself can find inspiration in what she has done.

I think these women are people that have given a lot to hip-hop, and contributed a lot to the development of the culture, although they might not have received the acknowledgement, but they definitely did.

It means a lot for who we are today and what we can do today, because they did it and so we can do it !

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GB : What do you think about the new hip-hop females like Iggy Azalea, Azalea Banks, Nicki Minaj or Angel Haze…?

AN : I’m not going to say anything about them, because I’m not really familiar with their music. I’ve heard a song or two, it’s not necessarily my style. Moreover I don’t know them as people, I can’t really comment about their music.

GB :  For me, your album is like a journey throught hip-hop, your journey throught hip-hop precisely. You like to travel, what did you chose to settle in Europe and especially in Germany ?

AN : Well, I was living in China. I was like touring and doing some shows…I didn’t know if I wanted to go back to the US or continue the adventure. I had some opportunities in Germany, and I decided to come to Köln, it’s like I was supposed to be there.

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GB :  What do you think about the globalization of hip-hop ?

AN : I think it’s dope ! That’s the great thing now with new technologies. Of course, there are some down sides, it is not always positive, but it is creating a lot of opportunities for every artists with a lot of passion for what they do, and I mean not just music.

It connects every people who feel and think the same way ! We can make really good music, because we learn about other cultures and what our music sounds in other places, and it’s giving people the opportunity to be heard.

Back in the days, you needed a record company or a big promotion. Now it’s different, if you got an intelligent plan and your laptop, you can promote yourself…and I think it’s great !

GB : I heard some African vibes in your songs like «Tells of Men», what do you think about the African hip-hop scene ?

AN : I met really talented hip-hop artists and also musicians in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. I got brothers and sisters across the continent who are super-talented and I think it’s great.

I’m hearing also many people mixing traditional sounds with new technologies, like when I was in Zimbabwe I heard somebody playing this mbira (musical instrument), with a lot of electronics sounds and it was something I’ve never heard before and I thougt it was something really interesting.

Africa is the future, the present and the past and I’m loving it !

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GB : And What about the hip-hop French scene ?

AN : I’ve heard there’s a lot of respect for political rap in France. People in this country really appreciate good music and they really love hip-hop.

I think it’s really cool, I like Kery James. His video « Dernier MC », he was just killing it ! I met him in a concert I did at La Maroquinerie, he seems to be a really cool guy and I like what he is doing.

Sometimes I don’t understand what you all saying but I can feel the power, the passion…I’m just feeling it, because music is one language.

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GB : Is there a European artist you would like to collaborate with ?

AN : I would love to do a track with Kery James, there’s also a lot of artists like Michael Kiwanuka or Corinne Bailey Rae…but there’s a lot of talented artists !

GB : Last question, dou you think Europe will be your final destination?

AN : No I want to go to the Moon (laughs), but I don’t know. Recently I was thinking about moving to somewhere in the African continent for a while, because I loved my time Zimbabwe.

Only God knows… I’m travelling, even if now I’m living in Köln, I’m always on the road. Ultimately I don’t know where, but I know it will be somewhere with some nice weather (laughs), some really good music, and conscious people interested on what’s happening in the world, that would be a good place for me.

Merci Akua Naru !


Written by Estelle

Community Manager dans le menswear. Passionnée par la culture Hip-Hop. Danseuse à mes heures perdues et sosie de Beyoncé de dos, dans le noir. J’aime la musique , les Pringles originals, le Fanta à l’orange, les burgers, le nougat, le pecorino... et la série Berverly Hills (sauf Kelly Taylor) !